Are We the
Right Partner?

Thank you for taking the time to get to know ReVision Residential. Business is about relationships, and we think you should know a little bit about us to see if we would be the right team for you.

About ReVision


ReVision Residential was founded in 2018, and we have clients that have been with us from the very beginning. We approach service with a long-term perspective, looking to build lasting relationships.


Our team does not work on an hourly basis. We provide estimates for all projects. If anything requires a change to our initial estimate, such as change orders, scope changes, client additions or option modification, we will notify you immediately and you will be required to sign a change order and a new estimate acceptance. This structure makes it easy for our clients to stay within their budget – no surprise billing.


It is our goal to provide amazing service and utilize our skills to truly serve our clients. In addition, we count on our clients to work with us as a team, sharing a mutual respect for each other. We’re in this together! It is critical we openly communicate during all phases of the project. The ReVision President will visit each active job site at least on a daily basis, and ensure your project remains on schedule.


We DesignBuild & Paint beautiful home home improvements of any sorts, and we provide exceptional service to our clients. Client requests normally receive a response within 24 business hours – and often much faster.


In our estimate there will be included a total cost of the project and a payment schedule. Your payment schedule is based on a deposit and four project milestones.

Up front we will accept your deposit for work that has been completed to date. As construction progresses, we will then invoice you as we complete each of the four milestones.


After your project is complete, the ReVision President will perform a final walk-through with you. Every item will be evaluated, checked for proper operation and functionality. Any discrepancies will be corrected as soon as practical.

Vintage Western Pioneer Kitchen Wagon
Beautiful Kitchen Interior


We are Not a big business

We are a small family-owned business who right-sizes our employment of other tradesmen who also have strong family values. Our pockets are not deep, and we carefully estimate our projects to ensure a win-win-win for our Clients, our Company and our Employees. We are laser-focused and care deeply about each build we take on, and we are disciplined in our execution of all facets of your project. You can reach out at anytime and discuss your project and any issues with the President of ReVision Residential. We listen!

We are not Hurricane chasers

We don’t chase lucrative insurance monies and take advantage of desperate home owners. We are not fly-by-nights nor are we hit-and-run unsavory pretend contractors. We have skin in the game, and are raising our families in the South Walton, 30A and The Emerald Coast communities. Our kids attend schools here, play ball here, recreate here, and grow up here. We are honest, hard working, fun loving neighbors, and we are proud to build our service areas one project at a time. It is as simple as that.